EPS XP-2020 Express Exit Pay Station


Barcode Machine Readable Express Exit Pay Station


PAXADAKSDIO Apex Series Keypad :   The Chamberlain Group, Inc.


  • Completely unattended operation
  • Multiple Operational Use
  • As a Standard Exit Verifier
  • With Credit Card
  • Safe, 24VDC low voltage operation
  • Internal batteries allow for operation during power interruptions
  • Rust-resistant zinc plated steel construction
  • Built-In thermostatically controlled heater
  • Large back-lit LCD displays Date & Time, Fee Due, & optional programmable
  • Optional (recommended) Intercom
  • On-Line or Off-Line Operation
  • Accepts 4 or 7 mil thick tickets, from TD-6030P Ticket Machines
  • Reads exit passes printed by MV-2010


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